Brighton Digital Festival - Radio // Future Sounds - 24th September 2015
totallyradio and Fugu PR present a day of inspiring conversation, music, live broadcast and sound art at radio's cutting edge.

Radio has emerged as the hottest media tech story of 2015 with the most exciting innovation happening beyond the mainstream. Radio // Future Sounds will explore the reinvention of radio.

A day of inspiring conversation with special guests, radio creators and technologists as well as sound art and live music – all broadcast live from Patterns on Brighton beach. #RadioFS #BDF15

10.00 // Registration
Say hello, get yourself caffeinated, pre-order lunch and be prepared to spend the day re-imagining radio!

10.20 // Keynote & housekeeping
Musician, broadcaster and activist Chris T-T  sets the scene for the day... and points out the nearest fire escape.

10.30 // The Podcast Explosion
Chris T-T joins a panel of podcast practitioners and enthusiasts to get to grips with the resurgence of long form audio storytelling and to highlight some personal favourites.  
David Bramwell - Musician, Broadcaster, Writer
Emma Grinfeld &
Leonore Schick - Very Loose Women Podcast / Resonance FM
Todd Jordan – Content Analyst / Brilliant Noise
Dr Martin Spinelli – Senior Lecturer / School of Media, Film and Music / University of Sussex

11.30 // In Conversation: Detour - the wonder of a wander  
Taking a virtual walk through immersive, location-aware storytelling audio guide Detour.
Haris Butt, San Francisco based Project Manager and Strategist at Detour in conversation with Natalie Lloyd – Former Curator at TEDxBrighton and currently Director at  SayDigital.                             

12.00 // Show & Tell One
Radio Technologist Rashid Mustapha demos how disruptive Software Defined Radio will change the way we think about 'radio'.
12.15 // Show & Tell Two 
Radio Sound Artist Magz Hall exploring broadcast radio’s possibly playful ‘micro’ future.
12.30 // Show & Tell Three 
Darrel H Sheinman from GearboxRecords telling tales of Tokyo’s Jazz Kissaten with Audiophile jazz stories in a neighbourhood bar.  
12.45 // Lunch            

13.30 // Live Music: Dog In The Snow
Brighton based musician Helen Ganya Brown, accompanied by friend, musician and visual artist Eva Bowan. The band experiments with existential-driven lyrics and layers of off-kilter sounds to create a peripatetic musical landscape. 

14.00 // In Conversation: London’s next generation radio 
NTS Broadcaster and Club DJ DEBONAIR talks with  representatives from two of the most exciting new stations to emerge in the capital over the last couple of years, to find out what drives them and what the future sounds like.  
Ben Fairclough – Station Manager/ Radar Radio
Neil Bopperson – Wah Wah 45s  & Co-founder / Yam Radio
Aly Gillani – First Word Records & Co-founder / Yam Radio

14.45 // In Conversation: Radio revolutionaries
Musician and broadcaster James Fox meets some of the people behind East London’s new wave of DIY radio stations. NTS are recognised as champions of London’s musical underground around the globe while coffee shop based London Fields Radio are rooted in the east London community. 
Dominik Prosser – Co-founder / London Fields Radio
MarshmeLLo – Broadcaster / NTS
Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura - Production Coordinator & Assistant Programming / NTS

15.30 // The Future of Radio - Round Table
The BIG panel. Is radio still relevant for music discovery in 2015? Is it really humans vs robots battling it out or are we going to see a gradual convergence? Will ‘big data’ help radio target and connect or does it suck out soul and serendipity?  Radio listening among under 30’s is dropping away sharply around the world. Can it resist or even roll back that trend?
Moderator: Chris Cooke - Editor,  Journalist & Media Entrepreneur / CMU
Record Labels
Rosie James - Head of Press & Radio Promotions / Tru Thoughts
Dave Cawley - Co-founder, FatCat
Mr Bongo - represented by Graham Luckhurst

Digital and Tech
Graham Luckhurst - Founder & Senior Partner / Out To Sea, Head of Digital / Mr Bongo
Gideon Mountford - Head Of Video UK / Believe Digital
Tim Parker - Designer  & Developer / Mixcloud, Broadcaster / NTS

Radio Stations
Ben Fairclough – Station Manager/ Radar Radio
Dominik Prosser - Co-founder / London Fields Radio

Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura - Production Coordinator & Assistant Programming / NTS
MarshmeLLo – Broadcaster / NTS

16.50 // Future Radio - Brighton
Brighton has a thriving and diverse local and community radio scene. What does local or community radio in the city do that  better resourced national and networked radio can’t or won’t?  Internet radio removes the cost and bureaucracy of traditional radio. So why bother to  broadcast any more?
Moderator: Daniel Nathan - Founder / totallyradio, Co-founder & Chairman / Juice Brighton 
Mickey Jukes - Co-founder / 1BrightonFM
Eleanor Dobing - Director / Radio Reverb
Peter Lanceley - Station Manager / Resonance Extra

Secret Lemonade Drinker - Founder /
Nicholas Werren -  Broadcaster / University Radio Falmer

17.20 // The outro
Chris T-T wraps it up and points out the bar.
17.30 // Live Music:  BITBIN & closing drinks
BITBIN (aka Matt Hodson) 
A longtime fixture of the UK’s electronic underbelly, BITBIN brings his own brand of down-tempo, erratic, and often-nostalgic musical output. 

18.00 // Ends